Partners. Strategists. Dreamers. Ambitious Thinkers. 

Third Plateau is a social impact strategy firm.
We partner with people and organizations that have game-changing ideas to improve the world, and we help them do it bigger, better, and faster. Whether you are a nonprofit, mission-driven company, foundation, or individual donor, Third Plateau can help you reimagine and expand your impact.  We are a company on a bold mission, and that mission is to make positive things happen for our clients, our community and the world around us. We can only do this when we challenge each other to think big and take risks.

Our Core


We seek big challenges because we know those are the ones worth tackling. We bring our A-game and entrepreneurial mindset into everything we do, relentlessly pursuing excellence and refusing to accept the status quo. We take smart risks and push ourselves and those around us to think expansively.


We know that true innovation and meaningful change are hard to achieve. We work with organizations we believe are both inspired by and capable of meeting those challenges.


We are intensely curious. We question everything. We experiment. We are voracious consumers of information from a variety of sources and disciplines because we understand that knowledge is absolutely essential for effective innovation. We are researchers, investigators, and explorers.


Relationships are at our core. Through empathy, we develop deep and authentic connections with those around us. We curate our networks with intention because when the right people are connected with the right ideas, great things are bound to happen.

Live ItUp

It’s not enough for us to change the world; we’re going to have a blast while we do it. If we’re not loving life while driving impact, we’re doing it wrong.


This is our team. Big ideas inspire us. Caffeine and trail mix fuel us.




Thank you for your interest in working at Third Plateau. We've got an ambitious agenda and are always looking for co-creators and co-conspirators to join us on our mission. The application process for the Director and Associate level positions is currently closed. But don’t let that stop you. Email your resume to jobs@thirdplateau.com — let us know what drives you,  and we’ll be in touch when we are looking for our next social impact ninja.



Third Plateau Social Impact Fellows enjoy a fast-track experience enabling them to build dynamic, transferrable leadership skills that can be used to accelerate social change in any environment. Fellows are exposed to multi-disciplinary, cross sector learning and leadership opportunities during a rigorous, high energy, (and dare we say fun) 12-week fellowship. 

Our Fellows come from a variety of graduate fields, including business, education, public policy, social work, and law. Each brings a passion to strengthen the social sector while sharpening their own skills through real client engagement and targeted professional development. 

We're proud of our first three classes of Fellows. For more information and to apply....