Third Plateau has been organizing our learning across all of our past engagements to develop the Organizational Health Dashboard. This easy-to-use tool will position organizations to sustainably deliver on their core purpose and more effectively drive short- and long-term impact.

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• Nonprofit leaders and boards of directors eager for an objective perspective on the state of their organization today

• Nonprofits with at least 3 staff members and an annual operating budget of at least  $250,000

What You'll Get

• An inventory of your organization’s key programmatic, operational, fundraising, human resources, and communications systems

• An independent survey of staff, board, and community stakeholders detailing their perceptions of a variety of factors affecting your organization’s health

• A high-level assessment of your organization’s health that can help you better deliver on your core purpose

What We need From You

• 1 hour of your time for an intake interview in June

• An email list of your staff, board, and select community stakeholders

• 1 hour of your time to process the assessment and provide feedback in late July or early August