social media across generations: we love the same content

May 21, 2015

I always love a good infographic and Social Media Today didn’t disappoint with their recently released, The Generational Content Gap: How Different Generations Consume Content Online

Even as social media data trends tend to shift frequently, I’ve been finding the same information often gets reported over and over again. This latest infographic had some findings that surprised me:

  • Baby Boomers spend the most time consuming online content, with over 20 hours spent on the web per week. (That’s a part time job, people!)
  • Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers all consume the top four content types: blog articles, images, comments, and eBooks. (The least consumed content type was also the same across all three generations: white papers.)
  • When it comes to genre, Millennials consume more content on healthy living than style.

What excites (and at times, overwhelms) me about social media is its ever-changing nature. While many would assume that the technology consumption of Millennials far surpasses that of other generations, it appears there may be more common ground when it comes to our online habits.

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