Apryl Joe

Social Impact Fellow

Indigenizer of Spaces. Dreamer of a Revolution. Decolonizer. Deep Thinker. Futurist. Foodie.

Apryl Joe is a Social Impact Fellow with Third Plateau where she brings years of experience working with Indigenous communities with a focus in education and college access, including working with the first ever tribal college, Diné College, in the Navajo Nation. She is excited about the learning she is going to gain from the game changing Third Plateau team over the course of the summer and hopes to strengthen her strategic and systems thinking skills. She also looks forward to contributing and supporting the mission, vision, and client work of Third Plateau.

Prior to joining the Third Plateau team, she was completing her master’s degree in Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. During the past two years she focused her studies in American Indian/Alaska Native studies, social entrepreneurship, community development, and policy work. She has an interest in applying her social work knowledge at the macro-level to create significant social impact. She also holds a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Occidental College.

After the summer fellowship, Apryl dreams of landing a job that will allow her to continue to support and create social impact in the world. She is also looking forward to re-uniting with her partner-in-life aka husband, since they have been doing the long-distance thing the past two years as they both pursue their goals. Together they are a team that is passionate about Indigenizing the future by reconnecting to our ancestral knowledge, teachings, values, and language. Apryl is a lover of dance, music, and deep conversations.