Itzel Nuño

Community Manager

Organizer of chaos. Creative mastermind. Pathfinder Half-Orc. Community builder. Aspiring facilitation guru. Self-made thousandaire. 

Itzel Nuño is Community Manager at Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies. She enthusiastically ensures the seamless day-to-day running of the office and plays a key support role in our client work. Without Itzel, we’re not quite sure where we’d be, and we certainly wouldn’t know how we’d gotten there.

Before joining Third Plateau, Itzel received her B.A. in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz. During her studies she lived in an indigenous community in the highlands of Guatemala where she worked as an instructor at the locally run cultural center Taa’ Pi’t. While there, she was responsible for developing a curriculum for children, focused on computer training and regional environmental issues.

During her last year as an undergraduate, Itzel studied abroad in Italy where she learned to speak Italian, ate a lot of pizza, and volunteered on a farm. Following graduation, she moved to San Diego and worked at Mar Vista Middle School. While at Mar Vista, Itzel taught Video Productions, assisted in developing after school programing, and tutored math.

Itzel currently lives in a small but warm apartment in Oakland with her partner, close friends, and plants. She enjoys spending her time at the local movie theatre, playing board games, and lying to her friends about going on runs around Lake Merritt.