Lynley Closson

Social Impact Fellow

Radical Empath. Summer Camp Enthusiast. Intrapreneur. Ice-Cream Connoisseur. Aspiring Social Justice Warrior.

Lynley Closson is a Social Impact Fellow at Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies. Prior to joining Third Plateau, Lynley received her B.A. in Human Services from Graceland University, in the small town of Lamoni, IA. While there, she became highly engaged in nearly all aspects of student life and became an expert at building deep relationships. Lynley also worked tirelessly as a leader in Graceland University’s entrepreneurship club to help improve the economic landscape of Lamoni.

Her experiences working in impoverished rural communities in Iowa as well as Zambia and Nicaragua propelled her to pursue her Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis. While there, Lynley continued to operate in the social impact sector. She worked as an intern community organizer, a housing and homelessness social policy intern, and a social entrepreneurship researcher.

Lynley loves summer camp and continues to stay in close contact with friends from her time working at Happy Valley Conference Center campgrounds in Santa Cruz, California. In her free time, she enjoys walking in Golden Gate Park, obsessively watching Parks and Recreation, and enjoying all the wonderful vegetarian food the Bay Area offers.