Paul Perry


There-is-no-box thinker. Status quo disruptor. Bar trivia aficionado. Butler for his dog. Restless vagabond. Irreverent writer. Has more passport stamps than you. Ran for congress more times than you.

Paul Perry is a Director with Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies. In this role, Paul works with social impact ventures around the world to improve outcomes alongside the communities they serve. He specializes in learning systems, strategic planning, community engagement, and public innovation.

Paul grew up in a racially and socioeconomically diverse community (called Norristown, PA) just outside of Philadelphia. His mother was pregnant with him while in prison due to her drug addiction being criminalized during the failed “War on Drugs.” Paul was adopted by his two fathers–gay parents–at birth and raised in a household with incredible dads who were both veterans and small business owners. His early childhood experiences pushed him to serve others in education and social justice work.

Prior to joining Third Plateau, Paul most recently served as Executive Director for COLAGE, the only national nonprofit that directly empowers and supports youth with LGBTQ parents and caregivers. COLAGE co-leads the largest gathering of LGBTQ-led families in the country on a yearly basis along with serving thousands of youth across the nation.

Before COLAGE, Paul spent most of 2016-2017 traveling the world with Remote Year, visiting over 20 countries across five continents while focusing on writing and remote social impact consulting with organizations such as Argonne, Camelback Ventures, TransferWise, and CompetencyWorks.

In his past lives, Paul has worked as a middle school teacher and debate coach, assistant school leader, school designer, and nonprofit executive. He was part of a team that designed and launched three competency-based high schools in New York City, the nation’s largest school district. Paul also served as Executive Director for The Reset Foundation, an initiative to keep young people out of prison and providing them with educational and career opportunities as an alternative to incarceration.

In terms of community leadership, Paul previously served six years as a Board member and two years as Board Chair with COLAGE. He also served as a volunteer instructor with the Prison University Project at San Quentin during his graduate studies at Berkeley.

Paul holds a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from American University and a Master in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Paul went on to earn a Master of Public Policy degree from University of California at Berkeley and a Doctor of Education Leadership degree from Harvard University.

Paul currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with his canine companion Astaire and spends lots of time with his father P.D. Perry. Paul and Astaire go for long walks chasing squirrels and other dog friends. Paul and his Dad try to get dinner together weekly and sometimes catch a movie together at their favorite local theater, the Movie Tavern. Paul can be found biking around the City of Brotherly Love, scouring the interwebs for flight deals, watching zombie flicks with awful reviews, and checking out the newest bar trivia haunts (it’s called “Quizzo” in Philly).