Sarah Pritchard

Social Impact Fellow

Complex systems wrangler, conflict transformer, aspiring dog-owner, amateur potter, pun enthusiast.

Sarah Pritchard is a Social Impact Fellow at Third Plateau. She specializes in Community Based System Dynamics, complex dynamic systems, conflict resolution, bystander and ally engagement, and violence prevention.

Prior to joining Third Plateau, Sarah traveled to Australia to work with a transdisciplinary team of health workers, women’s advocates, police, educators, and city government workers to create a collective impact strategy to reduce the prevalence of family violence in rural Victoria. As part of this effort, Sarah led two community-based systems-thinking projects to help the team come to a shared understanding of the system that sustains family violence, identify barriers to engagement and collaboration, and move forward as a cohesive unit. Sarah recently graduated from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis with a Master in Public Health and a Master in Social Work, and conducted a similar project during her time there to resolve conflict among white anti-racist student activists and better engage allies across multiple movements.

Sarah has served as a Masters Research Fellow for the Social System Design Lab at Washington University in St. Louis, where she honed her skills in system dynamics and learned to help communities make strategic, collaborative decisions about how to create transformative change. She has five years of experience as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and worked as a violence prevention educator in middle schools and high schools in St. Louis, covering topics such as teen dating violence, healthy relationships, survivor support, sexual assault, gender norms, LGBTQ myth-busting, and cyber abuse.

Sarah has worked as the manager of a nonprofit farmers’ market, honing her experience with community building in low-income neighborhoods, and has also worked in fundraising for libraries and literacy organizations. Though she no longer works in bookselling, she has a lifelong devotion to independent bookstores and loves to be asked for book recommendations. A self-identified nerd, she enjoys geeking out about psychology, empowerment self defense, social justice movements, statistics, boundary setting, sociolinguistics, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.