Isolation Revealed My Purpose

May 28, 2020

Coaching found me when I least expected it and it helped me turn a very challenging time into one that aligned my life and my leadership. I was recovering from a serious concussion, unable to engage with the outside world. All I had was a dark room, support from family and friends, and the stillness of my mind. Coaching slowed me down to get connected with my values, ask the right questions, and manage only what was in my control to build the resilience to remain strong for the long haul. Through this experience, I learned that I derive great purpose from coaching others to build resilience through new experiences and even challenging times.

Here we are now in a time that looks remarkably similar — except that during COVID-19, the isolation, uncertainty, and suffering characteristic of a concussion recovery have become a global phenomenon. These unprecedented times call for a new edition of leadership — one that is kinder, braver, more emotionally flexible, and grounded in both reality and optimism simultaneously. For many of us it can feel like we’re slowly arriving at a new ‘abnormal,’ one that is filled with more questions than answers, and more concern than relief. If you are running an organization, these times are especially isolating, with no clear roadmap or guaranteed support system. Resilience is the most essential tool we have to chart the course ahead.

It’s hard to lead when you’re not connected to yourself and in touch with how you are showing up for yourself and your team. Our Leadership Development work is anchored in this philosophy, which gives our project teams the unique advantage of integrating coaching into other lines of work, including strategic planning, crisis management, and culture planning. How many projects have you seen sit on a shelf because they lack a strong and motivated team to take ownership and execute?

We know the world feels upside down and staring into the unknown is breeding fear about the future, but now is the time for curiosity and deep reflection. It’s time for intentional peer support to remedy leadership isolation. We invite you to think about where you are finding space for growth and learning. If you’re ready to create new peer connections to sustain and energize you in these times, we are here to help.