New Clinical Trial: To Measure Your Organization’s Health

May 15, 2017

By Daniel Kaufman, Principal Third Plateau

What if I told you that your organization’s success five years from now is more dependent on your actions today than the strategic planning process you’ll go through four years from now? Coming from a strategy consultant like me – you might think I’m trying to put myself out of business.  But if you’re intrigued enough to learn more, we want to talk with you. We’re looking for nonprofit leaders who are interested in taking their nonprofit for an organizational health check-up.

Here’s why. Over the last seven years, Third Plateau has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of organizations at critical crucible moments—the points in time when organizations are facing a difficult challenge or an exciting opportunity. We partner with these groups to strategize and help them develop their future path. This process is incredibly important, but the reality is their fate is partly predetermined by then. Past decisions, practices, and most importantly, inattention to organizational problems limit strategic options in the future.

Long-term success isn’t just about pointing in a direction and going; rather, it’s about nurturing an organization so that it is healthy enough to navigate rough waters and seize new possibilities as they arise.

This got us thinking: how might we support organizations in identifying and addressing these underlying leadership, cultural, programmatic, operational, financial, and communications challenges early (think preventative care) so that they are healthy and robust over time? How might we strengthen “organizational health” so that organizations are better able to sustainably deliver on their core purpose and more effectively drive short- and long-term impact?

Over the course of the past year, we’ve been organizing our learning across a diversity of current and past engagements to develop a tool that will support organizations interested in assessing and improving their health. This June, we’re launching the Organizational Health Dashboard as a pilot program.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for nonprofit leaders and boards of directors that are interested in taking the tool for a test drive.

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