March 31, 2015

This week we are adopting, errrr testing, a new technology at our firm called Slack. Many of you have
likely heard of the office messaging app that is moving internal work
communication away from email (and if not, check out the video above to see what all the hype’s about).  I say
testing rather than adopting because we are using the next couple of weeks to dive headfirst
into the system, reflect on our experience, and decide whether we will fully
adopt it as our way of office life.

Introducing new technology is intimidating. Just today our
own team described the process as confusing, complicated, exhausting, and
overwhelming. Moving away from something we use so religiously, such as email,
is a big deal. We have to set ground rules and be consistent with how we are
using it. We have to know what to check and when, as work communication is no
longer in one place.

And while new technology may be intimidating, it’s also
exciting. Already, we are communicating more, our remote team members feel more connected than ever, and our client work and business development is more
transparent. As we grow in size, new employees and fellows will be able to catch up to speed on projects much easier.

The most important factor to keep in mind when
trying out a new technology is that everyone must be bought into the process.
Everyone has to use it at every possible opportunity. And, everyone has to be
critical—asking questions, challenging assumptions, and thinking through what
our ideal technology solution looks like. Maybe it’s Slack, or maybe it’s something
that is yet to be created, but diving in headfirst is an effective way to learn

For me, so far so good. But this is week one. Only time will
tell how Third Plateau survives the #SlackAttack.

this post brought to you by team member whitney caruso.