In this time of crisis, we must all pull together and step up to the challenges set before us. 
Our team is here to provide support where you need it most. 


In the spirit of our core value Step Up, we’ve identified a number of ways below to support all of you amazing leaders and organizations in this strange time. We've pulled together a list of offerings we think might help you as you navigate this crisis.  If you were hoping to see something different here, please reach out and let us know how we can help!

Organizational crisis response webinar series

Who could have imagined a world in which everyone works from home, schools are closed, and hospitals might not have sufficient supplies to meet the basic medical needs of the sick? For every organization, the rapid shift in your day-to-day operating reality requires clear-eyed assessments and rapid response to meet the needs of your community.

Our team is leveraging our crisis response experience from Afghanistan, Iraq, and various natural disasters and translating best practices to help nonprofits develop systems and strategies to respond, mitigate, and recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Through a dynamic, actionable, and get-to-the-point 4-part webinar series, you will learn the four key things every organization needs to focus on in order to navigate this pandemic crisis.

Introduction: Disaster Cycle Management Overview. The COVID-19 crisis has upended many of our core assumptions and substantially altered our operating environment. This webinar will translate crisis response best practices for nonprofits looking to develop systems and strategies to respond, mitigate, and recover from the COVID-19 crisis.Watch the recording

Part 1: Rapid Needs Assessment. Stop guessing at what you should be doing and focus your energy on what actually matters. This session will teach you how to quickly learn what your organization and community needs and ensure you can prioritize those needs accordingly.

Part 2: Emergency Response Plan. Align all of your activities to addressing the top priorities of your organization and community. This session will help you deploy your resources where they can be best leveraged to actually help.

Part 3: Organizational Resiliency and Risk Monitoring. This situation continues to evolve and escalate by the hour, so it’s not enough to just address what’s happened: you need to be ready for what might be coming. This session will use three proven tools--mitigation, contingency, and preparedness planning--to help you identify and brace for potential forthcoming shocks that may affect your organization, programming, and/or the populations you serve, and walk you through how to build a streamlined risk monitoring process to know when one of your contingency plans needs to kick into gear.

Part 4: Leadership & Equity in Uncertain Times. The current health crisis has brought to the forefront of systemic inequities, and along with it, an opportunity to respond and built organizational systems with an equity-mindset. This session will focus on tools and frameworks that illustrate the role of leaders in a crisis, shifting organizations from a place of chaos towards complexity, building resilience, and responding to a crisis with an equity-lens.


Email Jonathan Kaufman for more information or questions about crisis management or any of our support services.

Crisis Response consulting support

Third Plateau is applying disaster cycle management to help organizations develop a continuous process to anticipate, minimize, and avoid risks emerging from the COVID-19 crisis.

This deck provides a menu for how Third Plateau can provide additional support to your organization or your grantees.

convening in a virtual environment

Just because we cannot physically gather right now doesn’t mean you have to cancel your meetings, convenings, or events!  While we might need to stay physically apart from one another, the fact we live in a technologically connected age means that we can continue to build and convene community without skipping a beat. Since our inception, Third Plateau has been operating as a distributed team with a client base around the world. This has meant that we have years of experience facilitating meaningful, engaging discussions online. In fact, just last week we facilitated an online retreat with 90 leaders from all over the country.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to move your next board meeting to Zoom or considering alternatives to the 500-person conference or fundraiser that you had scheduled for April, we're here to help.

Email Daniel Kaufman to discuss how our team has been assisting others with virtual meetings and events or how Third Plateau can support you.

supporting leaders through uncertainty

Leading in the face of uncertainty requires new skills, reflection, and support. We know this journey is hard and potentially even isolating as you lead your organization, foundation, or program into uncharted territory. 

Executive Coaching Sessions
Connect with a trained executive coach on what is most pressing relating to your life or leadership in the context of COVID-19. 

First time receiving coaching? No problem. We can specifically offer coaching on: 

  • Resilience: What do you need to stay strong in the long haul, especially given the uncertainty ahead? Resilience is one of the most important skills for these times as we all work to embody effective leadership.
  • Collaboration: How are you building your individual and organizational capacity to collaborate in new ways? As we enter into the next phase of this pandemic, we need new mindsets and supports to ensure we are individually and collectively collaborating in creative ways. 
  • Purpose: How are you living your values in the face of uncertainty? Our values are what tie us to our purpose and can be a lifeline during periods of great uncertainty.
  • Leading during chaotic times: How can you inspire and support those on the front lines? How can you empower your staff to make change from wherever they stand? Reflection ensures we are leading as our best selves.

All complimentary slots have been filled. If you are interested in future offerings or learning more about our coaching practices, please fill out this inquiry form and we will reach out with additional information! 

Cohort Coaching for Executive Directors
A small group coaching workshop for six Executive Directors to support your efforts to show up as your best self in these times of uncertainty. 

You will leave the session better able to identify your creative leadership competencies and reactive tendencies in order to move toward a more integrated state of leadership. This workshop will support you to increase the self-awareness needed to spend more time being the leader your team needs in these times. We will also create a rich environment for peer connection and support. 

 If you are interested in future offerings or have questions about supporting your team during this time with a group session, please email Rebecca Altman for more information. 

other helpful resources

It is truly inspiring to see communities all over the world step up and provide resources. Here are some great tools that have been shared with us that we think are important and particularly helpful for the social sector. 

Click here to download a copy.