Anastasiya Kozyrevskaya

Administrative Assistant

Cultural enthusiast. Change catalyst. Cat lover. Sims aficionado. Pizza connoisseur.

Anastasiya Kozyrevskaya (she/her) is an Administrative Assistant at Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies. In this role, Anastasiya puts her superb coordination and execution skills to work by supporting the leadership development and strategy lines of business.

Anastasiya received a B.A. in Asian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and she hopes to one day continue her education in pursuit of a Master’s Degree. Throughout her time in college, she took on leadership roles in a number of Asian cultural organizations and worked to expand club diversity, acceptance, and membership numbers. She joined Third Plateau not only to positively impact her community, but also to help her flourish as a learner, activist, and citizen.

In her free time, Anastasiya enjoys catching up with friends, exploring her creativity through arts and crafts, hunting for the best underrated tea and coffee shops, finding captivating books to become immersed in, gaming, and blowing out her neighbors’ eardrums with her subpar vocal abilities.