Ari Eisenstadt

Senior Researcher

Deep thinker. Excitable nerd. Empathetic listener. Absent-minded singer. Certifiable goofball.

Ari Eisenstadt (he/him) is one of our resident Senior Researchers. He makes sure we know what we’re talking about before we start speaking. He co-manages our Research, Learning, and Evaluation team, and provides the research insights our team and clients need to make informed decisions on strategy and operations. He also builds websites and financial models from time to time. He is an aggregator, synthesizer, and presenter of information and an easy target when we’re looking for someone onto whom to dump our brains.

Ari comes to Third Plateau with a varied background and it’s hard to fit him in a box. Trained in permaculture, he’s worked on a Jewish urban farm in Berkeley and managed an educational garden in Malibu. As a participant in the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, Ari collaborated with organizations in the St. Louis area on projects varying from political campaigns to generating disposition plans for vacant land. Ari has a B.A. in Physics from Washington University and has worked with particle physics data from the Large Hadron Collider. He’s also taught a conversational English workshop for Chilean middle school students, interpreted for Spanish-speaking clients for a worker’s comp attorney, and tutored students in math and physics for over six years.

He loves to read (in multiple languages), sing (constantly), be outside (especially at the beach), play games, and talk about random things. If you get excited about something, chances are high that Ari will get excited with you. Ari lives in Berkeley and counts himself lucky to be able to go up in the hills and watch the sun set over the Pacific.