Paz Magat

Senior Director

Jane of All Trades. Oxford Comma. Mayor of Calmville. Perennial wanderlust. In search of noodles.

Paz Magat (she/her) is a Senior Director at Third Plateau. In addition, she is the Senior Facilitator for Patriots & Pragmatists, a cross-ideological, cross-disciplinary network and convening space through which civic leaders and influencers debate, envision, and realize a brighter future for American democracy.

Paz’s family fled the Philippines on the eve of the People Power Revolution, expecting a violent overthrow of a dictator. The decision to leave forever altered the trajectory of her education and career. As a first generation American, her interest in preserving democracy is therefore deeply personal.

Before joining Third Plateau, Paz worked for the Halifax International Security Forum where she created and directed the Peace With Women Fellowship for senior ranking female military leaders. The highly acclaimed program facilitated the professional growth of women from allied countries and fostered a network of experts and decision-makers that participants attest did not exist anywhere else in their profession.

Paz has spent her career working and living in 39 countries, including several years training African Union and United Nations peacekeepers in conflict management communication. Her work in social change includes designing community-based programming in Namibia to improve police-villager relations and sport for development programs in Haiti to align gang leaders for passage in Cité Soleil.

Paz holds a B.A. in Spanish from Wellesley College and an M.A. in Applied Social Change from Future Generations University. She speaks Spanish and Filipino. Paz lives in the Washington DC area. Her aspirations include being a judge on the Food Network and being adopted by a dog.