Ross Copeland

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Systems collaborator, database wrangler, apartment gardener, hobbyist.

Ross Copeland (he/him) serves as the Administrative Assistant/Office Manager for Third Plateau. As a key member of the operations team, he provides the organizational support our team needs to support our partners. He brings to the role an integrity-centered work ethic and a board gamer’s knack for distilling complexity.

Before joining Third Plateau, Ross worked in San Francisco’s social services sector, helping leadership to clear operational and clerical bottlenecks on behalf of frontline social workers. Prior to that, Ross worked in the arts as a technician and fabricator for Berkeley Repertory Theater, building his core values of sustainable practice, teamwork, and sound craftsmanship. Ross’s eclectic tool kit serves a simple objective: provide practical support to positive change.

On an average morning, Ross can be found looking out the window with a coffee on the sill and a cat in his lap, watching nature do its thing.

Ross earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from San Francisco State University. He currently lives in Oakland, CA.