Expanding Our Reach, Deepening Your Impact – Welcome to the New Third Plateau

January 28, 2019

Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies LLC, a philanthropic and nonprofit consulting firm, and Leventhal Kline Management Inc., a foundation management and philanthropic advisory services firm, are excited to announce they have officially joined forces, under the Third Plateau banner, to create a one-stop solution for foundations, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs looking to deepen their impact in the world. Our combined size and reach, together with our common culture of excellence, dedication to working with our clients, and broad network, will further build a future we can all believe in.

This is the new Third Plateau. Are you excited yet?
Just imagine how we feel.

The merger between Third Plateau and LKM, uniquely positions us to help our clients achieve positive impact on the issues they care most about. Together we bring a keen understanding that spans generations, backgrounds, cultures, and issues. LKM has a 20 year history providing comprehensive foundation management and advisory services to independent and family foundations, grantmaking public charities and individual philanthropists, including strategic planning, grantmaking, financial management, governance, compliance and project evaluation.

Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies has been focused on growing a dynamic and diverse team capable of working on some of the most complex challenges of our time. Through our work with hundreds of philanthropic organizations and leaders, we know that no single organization can solve today’s challenges, just as no single support services firm can meet the evolving needs of the sector. That’s what’s brought us to this moment. In order to keep up with the shifting landscape and the changing times, our firms recognized that our services and offerings must be more expansive. Together, our complementary efforts will provide a full-service solution that is customized to meet each client’s needs as they evolve over time.

With the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth between Baby Boomers and Millennials now underway, the landscape of the philanthropic sector is shifting more than it has at any time in modern history. The complexity of today’s challenges, coupled with demographic shifts, is creating a tidal wave of change. We know that today’s funders, organizations, and leaders must be strategic, innovative, collaborative and a little bit scrappy in order to devise new approaches to driving greater impact. That intersection is precisely where our expertise lies.

“We are excited to unite our teams to scale the work we do each day, and bring a range of services at an unmatched level for those seeking to create even greater impact. Together, we are eager to expand our reach while continuing to deliver excellence for our clients,” said Daniel Kaufman, a principal of Third Plateau.

“Generational shifts and the transfer of wealth are driving the transformation of philanthropy. The merger between our two firms mirrors this shift as we look forward to offering enhanced services and expanded opportunities for clients now and into the future,” said Benita Kline, who together with Hal Leventhal founded LKM more than 20 years ago. LKM staff members have officially joined the team of Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies and look forward to continuing to provide the high-quality service that LKM has offered its clients for two decades.

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For questions about the merger contact, Daniel Kaufman [email protected]