Our Work and Services

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Strategic Planning +
Program Design

We know the very best strategic planning and business planning is the result of experimentation and constant iteration and improvement. Our commitment to design thinking lies at the heart of our approach and philosophy. We identify and build outcome-oriented strategies by acquiring a deep understanding of diverse stakeholder perspectives and then apply our expertise and creative thinking to bring your organization to the next level.

We know that every client has a unique approach to philanthropy. We customize management and advisory services for private, family and independent foundations making it easy to enjoy the benefits of flexibility and control that a private foundation offers by taking care of everything from day-to-day operations and administration, to compliance and grantmaking. Third Plateau is the answer for donors who want the highest level of professional expertise, grantmaking sophistication, administrative excellence and assured regulatory compliance without the complications of hiring staff and opening an office.


Foundation Management + PhilanthropicAdvising



There’s no two ways around it: fundraising is essential to nonprofit success. We’re that rare breed who thinks it can also be fun and empowering. We provide day-to-day guidance and support as well as longer-term fundraising strategy development to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises looking to launch, strengthen, or grow their fundraising operations. Key services include coaching and training, development planning, prospect research, positioning, and board development. Our goal is to demystify the fundraising process and to help our clients build sustainable in-house development programs.

Metrics and evaluation are cornerstones of effective programming. We cannot meaningfully strive for change without a clear definition of “success” and the strategy and means by which to track impact. From developing metrics to conducting impact audits, we help our clients ensure their efforts move the needle in a big way.


Metrics +Evaluation


Training +Workshops

If you want to get a taste of what it’s like to work with us, trainings and workshops are a great place to start. We work with executives, boards and teams of all shapes and sizes to customize sessions that are right for you. Some of our most popular topics focus on measuring impact; creating next generation organizations; mobilizing Millennial donors, volunteers and activists; culture change; and…..  We can work with you to design a high energy workshop that will meet your needs.

The social sector is changing, but not everyone is primed to succeed. We believe the only way to predict the future is to help create it. Solving big problems requires cross-sector, cutting-edge, collaborative change. We help build the sector’s next generation leaders and organizations that embrace values like impact, collaboration, and transparency – all of which are central to success in the 21st Century.


Next GenEngagement


Leadership Development + Coaching

We believe that the most effective social change requires transformation inside and out. This is why in addition to our work with organizations, we also support the growth and development of leaders. Through our coaching practice, we engage emerging and executive leaders as well as teams to enable you to be clear, confident, and effective on your journey to create change. We combine 1-1 and group coaching, leadership assessments for leaders, and team effectiveness exercises to advance you and your team's leadership capacity.


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